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VIDEO: Brazil Interview | Entrevista no Brasil

Sup everyone! Last week I was on Danilo Gentili’s show “The Noite” (The Night!) on SBT network in Brazil. Was lots of fun to talk about tattooing and about how much I love Brazil! Check it out here (Interview starts at 8:54 mark) -x- Ola amigos do Brasil! Semana passada estivo no “The Noite” do

It is almost here…

I am happy to say we are near the end of our Love Hate Asheville site project, we should be launching the site any day now. I am in Ireland right now getting ready to open our shop out here, so lots is happening and it has been a crazy, busy month. I hope to have

Tattooing in Brazil

I received some photos from a friend from my last visit to Brazil in May and I just HAD to come back. It has been an amazing couple of months, being in São Paulo twice, back to back. I have made so many awesome friends and met so many great clients. I am truly thankful

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Shaili: Handcrafted Tattoo-Inspired Jewelry

I am very excited to announce my new handcrafted jewelry collection, This is a line that I named after my oldest daughter. I was looking forward to its creation from the beginning, because I am a huge fan of quality jewelry, for both men and women, and I knew this would be a hit. It is

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New Cobra Tattoo

Finished this tattoo at Love Hate Asheville right before I jetted to Miami for a day, then off to Brazil. Looking forward to Tattoo Week Event with Big Brand, but before that I have a number of interviews and shoots. I will try to keep you posted as it all happens. PS, I have a

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