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If you are a tattooist, you know we are not always eloquent…just one of the reasons I like Instagram. Come follow me, I try to keep it fresh. Just click below to see what’s new. Thanks for looking!

My one and only choice for the “workout”!

Or should I say “training”? Really that is all I do, when it comes to cardio and muscle development this works for me! And I feel terrible when I have not been able to train for a week or two with travel. I even compete every now and again, I have kicked a little ass and

The Selfie…;)

One of my least favorite things, but by far the most requested for social media. For your entertainment only…I have to admit, I am not a fan of taking pictures of myself – however it is an occupational hazard! Hope you can see the humor in this, just trying to keep the fans happy!  

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