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Only to days left to win…

Listen up! Only 2 days left of the contest.. The prize includes plane tickets, hotel and the tattoo. Everybody can enter, also outside the US. Just click on the pic and you will go straight to woobox to register. Thanks for reading!

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Portrait tattoo I did this weekend…

And a few other black and grey’s that I have done pretty recently. I really enjoy doing large, color, Japanese. But the more I travel the more I seem to enjoy expanding my horizon’s. I guess that is one of the benefits of growing older, and wiser…There are still some styles I can not say

Clients keep asking…

About the necklaces I wear everyday. So I said I would post info again. I posted a few months back when the site went live, but I have had a lot of requests for info since. So here it is, thanks for reading.      

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