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One of my better

Photo shoots… So believe it not I do not like being photographed, especially with my shirt off. I think that is probably common, but for me it just makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. And having tattoos all over – its often the point of the shot. But lets face it, when your getting older nothing is easy!


I made it back to Miami. It’s weird, no matter how amazing a trip is, or how caught up I get…as soon as I step foot back in Miami – I am glad to be home! Not sure if it’s family, friends, the shop, clients, or familiar faces. But that first day, I always realize

Beach Boys

Can’t get enough of this place…not sure if I am ever coming home! Sorry crew, you guys can come visit me here:)

Can’t wait to see this one!

Okay so this post is not for the weak of heart, but then again neither are tattoos…click below  to read on and see the clip, but don’t say I didn’t warn you – it gets pretty gnarly!

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