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Oh Irma…

For those of you that have not had the pleasure of coming to our Miami Beach location, we are right below that big 3 in South Florida. Please forgive any lapse in email or phone communication, or disruption in bookings Thursday through the weekend. We are trying to get prepared and move some clients around.

Openings in Sept

Hey all – my week next week is looking pretty booked, but September is looking good. Email my assistant if you’re in town…cozette4amijames at Here are a few cover-ups I have completed recently. One is a regular cover, and the other is a scar cover. Thanks for looking!

Cancellation next week….

Hey all – I had a client flying in that had booked a number of sessions, and just had a family emergency… I now happen to have a number of last minute openings next week in Miami. Let me know if you want to get in? cozette4amijames at Thanks for looking!

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