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I’m Back…Back in Miami that is!

Going to be doing what I do best…tattooing. I will keep you posted with openings, I am going down my list with my assistant today. Feel free to email your requests… cozette 4 ami james at


When I was a kid this was how I started drawing, day after day, dragons. To this day, when I see dragon tattoos it still inspires me. Here a few random pics I found of some of my dragon designs over the years… WIP…thank you for looking!

Neck & Hand Tattoos and Why I Won’t…

I want to start by saying, I’ve done neck tattoos and hand tattoos. But only occasionally, and on heavily tattooed individuals, which is why we have a shop policy in place. And when I say heavily, I mean this is the pretty much the last spot you have left, heavily tattooed… I get it, I

Keeping it real!

Tattooing a good friend of mine down in Costa while I was recently there…here is the finished product. Thanks for looking!

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