Tattoo Artist Feature: Avi Vanunu

– how long have you been tattooing?

Iv’e been tattooing since 1991

-where did you get started?

I bought a tattoo machine ,power supply and needles from a local tattoo artist and basically taught myself through.

– where are you currently working?

I own a tattoo studio in Tel aviv, Psycho tattoo.
got 5 great people working with me.
in a few months we’ll be celebrating our 20 years anniversary
– do you have a preference as far as style of tattooing? And what won’t you do?

In the past years most of my work was japanease style,masks with an ornamental touch,and recently been doing my street art on skin,my matrioshka project.mostly black n grey.
i dont do facial tattoos.

– do you find time to travel? And if so where do you visit?

I used to do around 5 conventions a year for about 15 years,mostly in europe. i stoped doing that about 5 years ago. i preffer doing guest artist gigs, and recently i was working in love hate studios in miami and nyc and exited to visit the new studio in london.

– are you currently taking appointment . And if so how often do you tattoo?

Yes i do.I work 5 days a week,doing one customer a day.

– who do you look up to in the tattoo industry? Who and what inspires you?

I guess i was mostly influenced by Claus fuhrmann, and of course by Filip leu. today the tattoo industry is packed with so many mind blowing artists,its amazing!

-do you do any other forms of art? any hobbies?

Iv’e been doing street art in the past 3 years,paste-up style.I enjoy and love to cooperate with all kind of designing projects, body painting , make-up and some sculpturing.

Contact info for appointments .

Avi will Also be guesting at Love Hate Social Club London In january, for appointments:

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