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Found a few more pictures of NY

Came across these pictures of the new location & wanted to share… We are working out details for the grand opening today, and tomorrow. So I hope to have the announcement on that as well. And of course, a few pics of his back piece I was working on this most recent trip…hope you like

10 years since Miami Ink

I was going through photos trying to dig up some tattoo references, and I came across this one. It has been 10 years since Miami Ink. Here is a shot of the original crew. It is great to think of all that has happened since this shot, not only for the shops but also for

New York New York

Had a great time, got some good work in, and now I am glad to be back in Asheville for just under a week and then, off to Ireland…

Wooster Street Social Club has moved…

We did it…we found a new spot, we set up shop and we are now open for business. The previous building was a part of an unavoidable buy out, and so we tried to find something close by for our clients. But because we are no longer on Wooster Street, we are now Love Hate

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