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Tattooing in Brazil

I received some photos from a friend from my last visit to Brazil in May and I just HAD to come back. It has been an amazing couple of months, being in São Paulo twice, back to back. I have made so many awesome friends and met so many great clients. I am truly thankful

Excited about my next trip to Sao Paulo

Dying to surf! Not sure if it all will work out, as I am completely booked while I am in Brazil But I will catch a few waves in Miami during my layover. Then from Sao Paulo to Milan for the annual motorcycle ride. It’s gonna be a good month!

We made it to Dortmund!

Planes, trains, and automobiles…but we have made it to Germany in one piece. Today and tomorrow I am tattooing, so hopefully I will have some fresh images for you. For now look at to learn more about the convention. Thanks for reading!

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