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Headed to Cali

Tommy Montoya is getting ready to open his shop, Klockwork Tattoo Club 333 East San Bernardino Road Covina CA 91723 – so I am headed out there to celebrate, and tattoo along side of him. Really looking forward to seeing the crew and doing some great tattoos. I will have a limited number of openings

Working, working….

Back at it…trying to get some sessions in before I head to the West Coast in early November, then to New York. Looking forward to doing some good pieces, I will try to keep you posted. Thanks for looking. 

Paris Convention Panther Tattoo

Tattoodo has posted this video of the convention, I really like the way it turned out. This was a great convention, and I look forward to going back. Just click on the pic below to go straight to the video. Thanks for reading 

Tattooing like crazy…

I try so hard, but I do not always keep up with my photos of new work the way I should. For some reason, a lot that I can not remember to add down the road make it to my instagram. So here I have linked you all to my page, just click on the

Global Humanitaria USA

This is a charity I have been working with recently. They hold a close place to my heart, with two small girls at home, I can not imagine the grief and suffering these children and women must face in life. I can only hope that my participation and support somehow offers relief to a few

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