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Official Chilibeans Brazil Fashion Cruise

Docked in Rio on the Chilibeans fashion cruise. As most of you know, I enjoy the clothing/fashion industry. I’m a laid back guy, so often my clothing choice consists of a t-shirt and jeans, with a hat. But Chilibeans has it all, and I like having options. We are having a great time, and if

Miami to Brazil…off I go again

I was home in Asheville just long enough to see my girls’ recovery from the flu, thank god! And now, I am off to promote the Chilibean stores in Brazil. So I stopped in Miami on my way and got this shot, which I really enjoyed because it shows me, and the boys at Love

My boy – spidergeek

One of the London shop’s artist, Craig Buton, is doing his SpiderGeek thing… You can catch him on youtube, instagram – spider geek, and twitter @craig_burton. Just click on the image below to view his youtube. He’s  a great guy that deserves the support, so check it out if you can - thanks for reading!

Loving the work that is coming out of Cork City

The Love Hate Social Club Cork City is killing it, love to see these boys putting out good quality pieces. Email them for booking at or, check out their Facebook page at thanks for looking!      

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