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Some fruit for thought….

I get this question as well as “what should I get” a lot. Honestly, I really like the number 2 in this article. Because for me, one question answers another. First, you should know what you want, before you get tattooed. Second, I was under age when I first got tattooed and though I have

Black and Grey

Those of you that follow my tattoo work know I am mostly known for my large colorful Japanese. But in the last decade or so, I have developed a passion for a few other styles… this is absolutely one of them!

Works in progress

This just needs a few more sessions of color. This one is just one session away… Looking forward to finishing these guys up, I will post more soon. Thanks


Yes, finally after 10 years we have updated our site. When I first started opening love hate shops around the world, I knew I wanted some kind of uniformity. I knew it would not be exactly the same, and I am still tweaking some things, but I am glad to say that all the shops

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